We talked in class how reflecting comes easy for some but very difficult for others.  I find for me reflecting comes very easy if it is through verbal conversations.  I tend to panic when I am asked to put those thoughts down on paper, especially for others to read!  There is something about having to commit to a thought or idea.  When I talk something through with someone I am more willing to let my thoughts flow in free form.  When asked to write I find myself too concerned with what I am saying, will it sound right, does it make sense, am I writing the right thing, etc.  We also discussed whether or not we should read each others blogs and make comments or just read them and reflect.  I personally do not look at any one else’sblog until I finish my own.  That is the only way I know my thoughts will be original.  Of course raeding others help me in my own learning, just as discussed in class, sometimes someone else seems like they are on the same wave length you are and can break something down in just the right way so that you can understand the problem, or situation better.

Brookfield was concerned with how we use reflection to see how we work and learn from different lenses.  I have seen that idea come through.  Often as we are discussing these different lenses I see myself reverting back to my educational biography and some of the ways I described situations that affected my learning and can see the different theories into play.  I also enjoy watching that ah ha moments of others when they see the same thing.  Learning is so dynamic and constantly changing so it makes sense that there so many different ways to explain the process of learning.  I, in the meantime, am going to continue to try to let go of the fear of writing the wrong thing and  practice free form reflection in my writing as I do in my speaking.